A focus on the arts

A young artist at Vicksburg’s 150 year celebration. Photo by Leeanne Seaver.

We say goodbye to beautiful October and welcome November, with all the work and preparations this month: leaf removal, winterproofing homes, tire replacement and rotations, and pantry replenishing. Often, our celebrations of Thanksgiving include a time to reflect on many things we have to be thankful for and to reach out to support those in need.

South County has always been a proud producer and supporter of the arts. From the indigenous people’s artisans, musicians, and dancers to our students’ amazing examples of movement, music, and the visual arts, the evidence of our talents and opportunities for expression appear. We will be showcasing the arts over the next few issues.

There are many things happening in South County: athletic competitions; holiday open houses, walks, parades and celebrations; and local governmental meetings and decision-making. We are pleased and privileged to provide information about many of these things in the South County News.

Thank you to our advertisers and readership partners. You make the continuation of this paper possible.

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