Time to hibernate

By Marilyn Jones, Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

This is the time of year
To relax and enjoy the hard work we’ve done,
Lovely red tomatoes line up in glass jars
Also peaches, golden from the sun.

Deer have become wary
Geese have flown a V-shape overhead,
Honking their goodbyes until spring
Heading for warm climate to make their bed.

The root cellar holds potatoes
Onions and carrots are hidden away,
We’ll have fresh veggies all winter
Stew is a delicious treat … on a snowy day.

Lawn chairs are packed away in the shed
Tarps cover those warm weather things,
It’s always an exciting day
When we get them out again in the spring.

Get out the cards, a book, a puzzle or two
Whether you live in a city or on a farm,
Snuggle down where it’s cozy and warm
When it’s cold outside, this is what we do.

We toiled hard, spring, summer and fall.
And we deserve a rest,
So pop some corn and hum a tune
Which season do you like best?

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