Vicksburg Foundation’s 2022 support

By David Schriemer

The Vicksburg Foundation was started by the Lee Paper Company in 1943. Its mission is “…to stimulate and support community efforts to enhance the quality of life in South Kalamazoo County by providing financial resources for programs and facilities which might not otherwise be available to the community.”

Since 1943, the Foundation has grown and in 2022 approved grants totaling $296,794. These grants have supported the following organizations and projects:

  • Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation: support of grants to teachers and students for innovative projects and scholarships for graduating students.
  • Village of Vicksburg: support of the Oswalt Park project, golf cart enhancements at Angels Crossing and the downtown Vicksburg business facade improvement program.
  • Junior Achievement: support for the Titan program (business education) at Vicksburg High School.
  • First Day Shoe Fund: support for providing shoes to school-aged children in South County.
  • Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center: support for Tournament of Writers, operational expenses and fundraising matching funds.
  • Pride of Scotts: support for new flooring in the community building.
  • Miracle Field: support for operational expenses and handicapped-accessible playground next to the ball field.
  • South County Community Services: support for operational expenses and the Wednesday Winners program for adults with disabilities.
  • Vicksburg Lion’s Club: support of establishment of an endowment fund.
  • Bike Friendly Kalamazoo: support of the “All Kids Bike” kindergarten bike riding program in local schools.

Dick and Freddie Coppes, long-time Vicksburg residents, directed their estate to make a large contribution to the Vicksburg Foundation, so that the community they loved would benefit.

Their generosity has helped fund many projects, including in 2022:

  • Vicksburg Historical Society: support for a new sign in front of the Depot Museum to welcome people as they enter the village and copies of “In Support of Community: the History of the Vicksburg Foundation 1943-2021” to be sold at the Depot Museum.
  • Our community is greatly blessed to have so many people and organizations that make South County a better place. The Vicksburg Foundation is delighted to support them.

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