Road Commission asks for comments on road safety

The Road Commission of Kalamazoo County, preparing a transportation safety action plan to improve road safety, is asking for public comment through an on-line survey and map to pinpoint areas of concern.

The site went on line in mid-May and will close July 15. It is at

There are two components to the request, the agency said in a prepared statement. “First, we are asking the public to please provide feedback by completing a short survey. The survey is meant to assess the public’s thoughts on the safety of Kalamazoo County roads.

“Second, use the transportation safety mapper for more location-specific comments. The transportation safety mapper can be used to submit comments for transportation safety concerns on RCKC roads. This process simply involves clicking the area of concern on an RCKC map and briefly describing the safety concern.”

All road users are invited to participate, including pedestrians, bicyclists, public transportation users, motorists, micromobility users, and commercial vehicle operators to ensure safe streets for all. This action plan will assist the RCKC collect public comments on the state of RCKC roads and provide a data-driven approach to safer roads for all.

There is an instructional video on the website to guide participants. Contact the RCKC for any questions related to the use of this system.

The survey is funded through a federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and its Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) grant program.

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