Trail Extension Expected to Be Complete in Late May

By Sue Moore

It’s possible that walkers of the Vicksburg Trail will be able to go an extra mile or two with completion of an extension of the trail northward as early as May 23, Village Manager Jim Mallery, announced at the April Vicksburg council meeting.

It was conducted online via Zoom with approximately 20 people on the call.

He also assured water customers of the village that home-owners or renters would not be shut off if they were behind on their utility bills. They would have 60 days to pay without penalties. “We will work with citizens to make sure there won’t be any shutoffs during the ‘stay at home, stay safe’ edict from the Governor.”

The budget for 2020/21 could be severely impacted by state revenue sharing funds being cut back over the next several months, Mallery warned. “We are preparing for at least a 15 percent reduction from the state, even up to 80 percent. “I hope it won’t be that much but I want to be conservative and be sure our budget comes in correctly. Each project is being continually reviewed given each day’s shutdown situation. We will run tight these next few months, as it is wise to watch every dollar we commit.”

The weed treatment on the pond between Vicker’s and Apple Knockers is going forward. The parking lot being developed next to the post office will have lights installed and surfacing work done before Memorial Day, Mallery informed the village council. He also speculated that construction on downtown streets would likely take place in 2021, not this summer as originally indicated.

Body cameras for the police department will be requested in a grant application to the Vicksburg Foundation. Mallery asked the council to approve the request. “We are about the only department in the county without this type of equipment.” Along with that $30,000 request was a smaller one for doing a phase one environmental study of the ground that is dedicated to the Leja community garden property on W. Prairie Street.

In other business, Don Wiertella of the Vicksburg Historical Society requested a meeting with the village manager in response to its proposed agreement with the village that was sent on April 10. Could the subject be placed on the council’s agenda for May 4, he asked. Mallery said that he didn’t receive the hard-copy proposal until April 14 and staff would need 21 days for review. He indicated the May 18 council meeting would be more appropriate.

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