Five acres of flowers at the Mill

The 120-acre campus surrounding the Mill at Vicksburg is showing signs of development, beginning with planting a five-acre floral meadow flanking the site’s eastern boundary.

It signals a project shift as it leaves remediation and stabilization and heads into design and development.

The meadow, planted in wildflowers and sunflowers, will be part of a network of walking trails and meadows.

The meadow when finished will connect to the northeast corner of the Mill building, near the future location of dining and event areas. Landscape crews are currently clearing land and preparing the site for planting. The areas are expected to bloom by late summer and provide a colorful foreground view to the historic structure with full blooming in two or three years.

Five years ago, Mill leaders partnered with Vicksburg High School and local agencies to plant buckwheat and sunflowers on the property’s west end as a way to attract bees for pollination, part of the Mill’s strategic ongoing efforts to create natural, repurposed, park-like environment.

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